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Should you DIY Aircon Maintenance in Singapore?

Proper aircon maintenance of your aircon units will ensure proper working condition of your units as well as its life expectancy. It additionally implies guaranteeing that the air-conditioning system will increase airflow as well as the air quality in your room or office. Without a doubt, notwithstanding its capacity of diffusing outside air into your room, or warm air in winter, the units are able to assist in purifying the air.

Despite what might be expected, without standard cleaning, the cooling can harm the surrounding air. There are various techniques for appropriately keeping up your cooling unit.

The correct ways to carry out aircon maintenance yourself

A cooling aircon unit must be kept up and maintained by regular servicing, before it is placed and operated and a few times each year from that point. There are many reputable aircon companies in Singapore providing aircon maintenance to Singapore households. However, alternatively, you can carry out aircon maintenance yourself, and some of the easy ways are below.

Cleaning Aircon Filter

To conduct aircon maintenance Singapore and service your wall-mounted aircon system, it is most importantly to deal with its filter system, for example to clean them on more than one occasion per month. You can do this without anyone else's help by climbing up and remove the aircon filter from the cooling units. Make sure that you close and remove all necessary electrical components if possible, and avoid direct contact on electrical parts. With your vacuum cleaner, evacuate as much residue you could reasonably be expected from the channels. At that point, clean them with warm water blended in with cleanser. When they are totally dry, replace it into the units. If during the maintenance, you notice the poor state of the filters, it is time for you to replace it with new ones.

Cleaning the several and different aircon units

A cooling aircon units framework comprises of an indoor unit installed in the room, and, for certain units, it is called split air-conditioning system, as well as an outdoor unit.

The unit that is set in and out of the house is likewise prone to dirt as well as dust. To do the essential aircon maintenance at least 2 to 3 times a year, you have to first, switch off the unit and clean the entirety of its components, giving specific consideration to the air flow outlets, utilizing a moist wipe that could clean and avoid damaging the components. At that point wipe well with a dry material.

The servicing of the outside unit is additionally fundamental since it is liable to damage as well as accumulation of dirt and dust. Cleaning it is especially fundamental in the event that you have not utilized your cooling for quite a while. Regardless, it is prudent to clean it in any event at least 3 times every year. Likewise, with the support of the indoor unit, make sure to stop the aircon operation before cleaning the open air unit. Start by expelling whatever may have been stuck right now such as leaves, insects for instance. At that point, drain the condensate, I. e. the water streams that results from the build-up of the vapour as it goes through a chilly exchanger, from the tank where it is gathered and clean it with a fabric. The outside unit itself can be cleaned with a sodden cloth.

As we have discussed above, it is relatively easy to carry out aircon maintenance Singapore and servicing of your aircon units. The steps are not hard, and can be done by people who are familiar with house chores.

Aircon Maintenance in Singapore

Often, it is not possible for one to survive without the cool aircon in Singapore.  We all want it to feel relaxed in our home or office when the outdoor temperature is hot and stuffy. When we eventually reach home from a hot day, I am sure everyone would want to enjoy in a cool and relaxing environment. However, when you discover that air con has broken down, this makes you feel frustrated. We now not only require aircon to make us relax but also cool us down from a extremely hot weather. When the outdoor temperature is high, we are required to regularly engage aircon maintenance to upkeep the condition and cooling efficiency of your aircon.

Fortunately, there are really numerous things which we need do to make sure that our aircon is able to operate in top-notch condition. We are expected to take care of all these aircon maintenance issue due to our own comfort, but we can help to save a great part of the repair costs while we are doing our part in maintaining the air-conditioning system. For the most part here we have Singapore aircon maintenance tips, especially if you live in tropical countries like Singapore.

Quality air filters

The air filters have numerous benefits including improving the air quality of your home aircon. This will ensure that you can enjoy clean air for you and your family and furthermore keeping yourself healthy for long time. These air filters help to prevent the unit from being harm through preventing accumulated of dirt and dust in the system. The decent and the spotless air channel help you to have constant and steady flow of air through cooling framework that guarantees that the aircon capacities are operating well. In addition, dirty and heavily clogged filter will result in poor efficiency of the unit and resulting the unit to work exceptionally hard. Dirty aircon filters are expected to result in around 10% more energy that it should.

More filters around

The crucial support tip which we have to utilize is placing more filters and keeping them extremely safe in a spot in the house. This will ensure that when there is a requirement to replace one, you can easily locate and change the filters instead of returning to the store back and forth. The filters need the to be replaced in any event one time in the year, however this can depend to the use and the individual’s budget where we can do a replacement perhaps twice a year It's extremely important for you to have a working and clean air filter prepared in light of the fact that the dirty and bad one require the unit to work extra hard to keep the things cool. Clearly, this will lessen unit's lifespan which I am sur everyone would not prefer. Hence, you need ensure you keep up the condition of your air filters and generally in all occasions. You will see that nature of the air in the house has improved as well.

Check the filter frequently

The cleaner and better condition the filter is, the better and more efficient the aircon system will be. During the times of the overwhelming usage of the aircon, filters will become dirty and become obstructed all the dirt and dust. Therefore, during aircon maintenance Singapore for your home or office, you have to check the aircon's filters and always replace them as frequent as you could, possible once every month. The duration of the filter commonly can’t last more than 3 months. Thus, when you are replacing your aircon filters, always ensure that you are purchasing from the same brand and manufacturer of the aircon system.

Take a lot of care of the aircon coils

An evaporator coils and the condenser will eventually accumulated dirt and dust overtime which will affect the air circulation where the cooling efficiency will be affected, resulting in additional energy to cool down your room. Thus, to ensure your unit will be operating well, always check and clean your coil frequently by the experts. The perfect time for one to purchase cleaning coils is the point at which the hot days has begun.

Fix every one of coil fins

The aluminium coil fins on our house and office usually will get bent which could result in air blockage across all the units. Improvement of the air circulation is extremely important through fixing the coil fins. The correct equipment will be through fin comb. At the point when you are fixing them, you have to clean every one of the coil fins. Basically you are expected to clear any of dirt that could be around the outdoor condenser. This is often neglected when people are doing Singapore aircon maintenance in their home.

Clean the condensate drains

The dirt and dust accumulated in the unit could result in obstructed condensate drain and furthermore diminishing capacity of a cooling efficiency of your unit. To increase the operating performance and cooling efficiency of your unit, you are required utilize the pipe cleaners or engage experts to clear out all the dirt for you. In case you can't thoroughly clean all the drains, you can possible opt to introduce the new house moisture system to reduce the humidity.

Investigate the window seal

To ensure that the home aircon stay cool and the cooling air not escaping from your door or window or any other gap, you should take a look at the gap or seal between the aircon and window casing and ensure that it is flawless and furthermore in contact with a metal unit. In cases where the gap is huge, you should get it fixed quickly.

Always do necessary repair

If there are cases where your unit is not operating, calling the aircon maintenance Singapore company is one of the possible solution to get it repaired fast. If you still continue to use the unit, can intensify the present issues which can result in additional issues that mean you will result in paying for more and expensive fixes in the later date. It is likewise better and advisable to have a reliable aircon maintenance company to investigate and checked by the expert after the time of the extensive usage. This will ensure that your unit will continue functioning well for a longer period.

Despite the fact that you have to continue engaging aircon maintenance to upkeep the condition of your unit so that to ensure it can continue providing cooling air in the event that you keep it in running hard. Maintaining aircon for a regular basis can likewise help it to be in the better shape. In any case, taking every one of these tips you can for your home or office aircon could help you to set aside more cash for future possible mandatory repair, and it can even help you to reduce possible breakdown issues.

Watch to Learn Aircon Maintenance Tips In Singapore

  • Importance of aircon maintenance in Singapore

    Importance of aircon maintenance in Singapore

    Without aircon in Singapore, it is hard to imagine how we can sleep comfortably in this hot and humid weather in Singapore. Aircon units are a necessity in Singapore households that could help to provide a cooling environment for home owners. Due to the heavy usage or nature of electronic products, these units could face issues or breakdown over the years. Regular aircon mainteancne is necessary to keep the condition of the units in great efficiency.

    Keeping up the condition of the unit is fundamental to reduce the likelihood of the unit facing major breakdown as it could check-up the condition of the unit and get it fixed in the shortest possible time. You should engage professional aircon mainteanance companies that provide routine checks as well as proper servicing and maintenance for your home or office.

    The general rule of thumbs is that your AC should be regularly serviced, at least on a quarterly basis, regardless of whether you don't perceive any issues or aggravations in the system. There may be some issues which you probably unknown of initially.

    An aircon that has been left for a long time with no regular servicing and maintenance could lose its cooling effectiveness as well as performance. This could result to the unit resulting in lower cooling performance and less cold air into the room, even though it’s switched on for its maximum capacity. The accumulated dirt and dust on the unit could result to a poor cooling performance contrasted with when the unit is clean.

    In a perfect world, regular aircon mainteanance and servicing is required before the weather turns hot as it would reduce the odds of requiring the assistance of an aircon maintenance specialist. Many households would regularly grumble or even observe the significance of their AC unit particularly during the most humid and hot period of the year and it would be extremely useful to prevent yourself being caught in the busiet period where everyone are requesting for a maintenance and service fix checks for their units.

    Singapore aircon maintenance and servicing

    Maintenance would usually covers below


    Aircon maintenance filter

    The filters have an important protection of the aircon unit internal components and parts as the accumulation of dirt could lessen the proficiency of the unit. Regular maintenance on this area as well as cleaning different residue particles that have been stuck on the unit will greatly increase the efficiency of the unit.

    Maintenance and inspection of condensing unit

    The aircon condenser is answerable for the heat exchange and cooling functionality of the system, influencing the coolness of the room. Regular maintenance and inspection of this component guarantees that the heat exchange process is efficient and resulting in greater cooling efficiency for your system when it is switched on.

    Compressor Inspection

    This is an important process and inspection as compressor would reduce the heat around the environment, and inspection of this component will require skills and experience to ensure that this part is functioning well. Compressor is an important part in household, as the aircon energy consumption depending on its capacity, as well as its maintenance. A extremely dirty unit can result in higher power consumption. 

    Maintenance aircon fan and inspection

    This incorporates both the internal and external components of the fan parts. The indoor fan is exceptionally associated with the evaporator cooling system, guaranteeing that the air is cool to be circulated in the room.

    The external component of the fan will circulate the hot air from the condenser to the outside encrionment. Thus, regular maintenance and servicing of these aircon parts will ensure that on-time repair and troubleshooting could be done to prevent the worsening of the condition of the unit. Regular inspection of these components involves checking for breaks or harms that could disable the air development in and outside the system.

    Miscellaneous inspection

    Beside the examination of the major components and parts of the aircon system, maintenance would likewise incorporate tuning in for unusual sounds, leakage as well as external damage around the system that could infer presence of malfunction components and parts.



    Tips to ensure your aircon is working

    Beside getting help of an air con pro, there are likewise various techniques you can incorporate at your home or office that will guarantee that your unit is working ideally and functioning well. Here are only a few aircon maintenance tips to upkeep the condition of your units.

    Noise check

    A stunningly noisy loud noises originating from your unit could imply that various components inside the unit are either malfunction or require maintenance. Regularly, experts would utilize certified products to upkeep and maintain your unit in good working condition without harming its parts.

    Check on the whole aircon unit

    Are there any areas that have accumulated dirt and dust around your unit? Does the unit fits truly well or are there additional areas which would somehow cause air leaks that result in hot air flowing in or cold air flowing out to the other environment? In normal scenario, you could use a tape to cover up these spaces, however, professionally you would engage experts to cover up using wooden blocks or stainless steel to cover the work.

    Check for leakage or water leaks

    Leakage is serious and that would means there is faulty parts between the connectors or the system itself. Depending on the malfunction parts, some can be effectively strengthened back to its place. In any case, if there are breaks or splits, there is a need to replace the quality parts and materials, which ought to be finished by an authorized aircon maintenance experts in Singapore.

    Booking for regular aircon maintenance and servicing could spare you a great deal of cash over a long-term period. This can be a type of preventive maintenance measure that could help check your unit for potential deformities before it can cause significant damage to your aircon system when taken off alone. At the point when your unit is working well, you could save on electricity bills if you regularly maintain your aircon since the cooling performance is optimal and in good condition. This can assist you with dealing with your power bills concerning your aircon system's month to month utilization.

    Guaranteeing that your unit is functioning in top-notch condition can offer a lot of advantages for you and your home. Getting professional aircon maintenance in Singapore plus regular checks and inspections on your part will ensure that your units will be working good in the long run.